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Bowling Green is the oldest public park to be established in New York City. The Dutch called it “the Plain”. It marked the beginning of Heere Staat (High Street, now Broadway). In 1686, the site was designated as public property under municipal domain. On March 12, 1733, a piece of land of the area was leased to make a bowling green, with walks therein for the recreation and delight of the inhabitants of the City. The wrought iron fence that surrounds the park was installed in 1771 to protect the statue of King George III, erected by the British government. This statue was pulled down, in 1776, following a reading of the Declaration of Independence. In April, Washington set up headquarters at the Kennedy Mansion, in the same site of the Washington Building, on Bowling Green.

Mid-19th century illustrations already show a fountain on Bowling Green. In 1907, the building for the Custom House was completed. In 1989, the Park received a bronze sculpture of a Charging Bull, representing aggressive financial optimism and prosperity.


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The great fire in New York City on July 19, 1845, seen from the Bowling Green fountain. Hand-colored illustration lithographed and published by N. Currier in the same year. Nearly 300 buildings destroyed according to this illustration. Source: Library of Congress.


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Bowling Green, start of Broadway. Post card H.C. Leighton Co., based on photograph taken ca. 1902, that shows the foundation for the new U.S. Custom House. Washington Building (remodeled in 1921) is on the left.


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Vintage Images of Bowling Green




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