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Union Square, in Manhattan, is a historic park and the neighborhood that surrounds it. The Union Square was established in the 19th century and received its name by 1832. Some years later, a fountain was built in the center of Union Square.

By the 1850s, Union Square was completely surrounded by buildings. The Park was redesigned in 1872. The area also includes monuments to George Washington (1856), Marquis de Lafayette (1873), Abraham Lincoln (1870) and Mahatma Gandhi. The Union Square Park is a popular place for many events and it is home for the Union Square Greenmarket, since 1976.


Union Square


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Union Square, 1897, looking north by C.F.Th. Kreh. The Decker Building was the tallest on the left.


Union Square NY


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Washington Square Arch


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Union Square farms


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Decker Building


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Lincoln Monument


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Union Square West


Union Square


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Union Square in 1850. Printed text: Avenues near Union Park, as it was called, lined with trees. Reservoir on 13th Street, near Fourth Avenue. Four-horse car on Fourth Avenue. Lithograph by John Bornet. One of Views of New York issued by Henry Hoff / New York Public Library.


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Above, Union Square. Souvenir Post Card Co., copyright 1905 by Irving Underhill.


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Union Square

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