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The name comes from an old wall built by Dutch settlers, in 1653, to protect New Amsterdam (later New York) from invasions. Wall Street is narrow and short, but historically charming and busy. It extends from Broadway to the East River, in Manhattan.


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NY nineteenth century


Wall Street 19th century


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Wall Street


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Wall St


Below, fragment of View of New York City and Brooklyn by William Simpson, about 1851, showing Wall St. and surroundings.


Liberty Bonds


Stock Exchange and Wall Street, New York. Postcard issued ca. 1908 by Illustrated Postal Card Co.



Vintage images


Wall Street between 1860 and 1883. Source: New York Public Library.




NYSE Wall Street


The East River waterfront of Wall Street in 1798, seen the spires of the old temple of Trinity Church (the tallest) and the old temple of the First Presbyterian Church.


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40 Wall Street


Assay Office Building


JP Morgan NY


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Wall St NY


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Vintage Images of Wall Street