A city of strong traditions, capital of the United Kingdom and Great Britain’s largest city. Located on both sides of the Thames River, 64 km from its mouth, and covering an area of over 1611 km².

London was the most influent city of the world during the 18th and 19th centuries. By 1925, the New York surpassed London as the world’s largest metropolis. Today, it is a major political, financial, commercial, industrial and cultural center. Tourism is also a major industry.

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Charming places


The National Gallery


Above, the center of London.

Below, the Big Ben, one of the main symbols of the city.




Big Ben London


National Gallery




Albert Memorial, Kensington Gardens, London.


Saint Paul


Westminster Abbey





Albert Memorial


London Cable Car


Westminster Abbey.


United Kingdom


St. Paul's Cathedral.


Westminster from the south bank of the Thames.




The London's cable car, running between North Greenwich and the Royal Docks, with a journey time of less than 10 minutes, the cable car provides easy access to the North Greenwich Arena and Excel Centre. The terminals are close to the Tube, DLR, buses and river boat services.


London has plenty of charming pubs and places.


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