Parks of Alaska


Alaska is land of midnight sun and noontide moon. Here people can watch migration of caribou herds across the arctic plains, see the tundra blossom into a riot of color, and observe polar bears and walruses in their native habitat. There are 15 national parks and more than 120 units managed by the Alaska Department of Natural Resources.



Tanalian Falls


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Tanalian Falls in autumn (NPS Photo/K. Tucker).




Muskox on vegetated beach ridges in front of the Igichuk Hills, Cape Krusenstern National Monument (photo NPS / Doug Demarest).


Northern lights


Northern lights (aurora) as seen from Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve (photo NPS / S. Tevebaugh).


Eagle in the Kenai Fjords National Park.


Pool glacier


Donoho Basin (photo NPS / Neal Herbert). Below, Klu river (NPS / Jacob W. Frank).


Cape Krusenstern


Alaska park


Mt Griggs






Kobuk River





Map Arctic


Motor boats are an essential way for village residents to travel, hunt, and do other subsistence activities along the Kobuk River, Kobuk Valley National Park (NPS Photo).


Above, mushing on Wonder Lake, Denali National Park and Preserve (NPS / J. W. Frank).

Below, two caribou of the Western Arctic Herd during fall migration in Kobuk Valley National Park (NPS / Kyle Joly).


Glacier National Park


Bering Sea







Bremner Glacier


Humpback Whale, Kenai Fjords National Park (NPS Photo/ Kaitlin Thoresen).




Whale Alaska


Bear Katmai


Autumn Central Park


Photo NPS


Little Bremner Glacier, Little Bremner River, and Tebay Falls (NPS / Jacob W. Frank).


Klu river


Backpackers exploring a pool on the Root Glacier (NPS / Jacob W. Frank). Below, bear fishing at Katmai National Park and Preserve (NPS Photo/ M.Freels).


Parks of Alaska



Peering inside Katmai Caldera, with Mt Griggs in background (NPS Photo).