Old London Terrace - 1925


Old London Terrace


The old London Terrace, on the north side of West 23rd Street (on the right), seen from Tenth Avenue, looking east. These buildings, including the Chelsea Cottages in the rear on 24th Street, were constructed in 1845 and succeeding years. They were demolished in phases from May, 1929 to about July 1930, to make way for the current London Terrace. It occupies the entire block between 9th and 10th avenues, and 23rd and 24th streets.

The Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Tower, at Madison Square, is on the right. The elevated line at the corner of 9th Avenue can also be seen. A sign of an old Adelphi Hotel is seen on the right. The first Adelphi Hotel in New York was destroyed by fire in 1845. Photo created in 1925. Source: New York Public Library.


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Enlargement of the elevated line at the 9th Avenue.


NYC London Terrace


Chelsea Cottages


West 23rd Street


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London Terrace



Old London Terrace - 1925



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