Hotel Martinique on Broadway - 1910


The owner William R. H. Martin expanded his hotel due to the wave of people flocking to the newly opened theaters and storefronts along Broadway. In his design, Hardenbergh created picturesque compositions based on Beaux-Arts, giving special care to interior planning and appointments. The West 32nd Street façade is symmetrically arranged with a slightly projecting center section, five bays wide. The facade is subdivided at the ground story by a cornice, and a balcony at the fifth story, which concludes the base. The main part of the façade extends from the 5th through the 11th stories where a molding with a Greek key design sets off the transitional 12th and 13th stories. Above this, another balcony marks the final section, and a balustrade at the 15th story dormer windows indicates the roof level. Floors five through eleven are faced with glazed brick set in a rusticated pattern. Each of the windows are framed with a broad, eared terracotta molding and a simple sill. The windows of the fifth story are topped by a molded lintel with a centered volute. Within the center section, several windows are given added emphasis by balconettes, while the center window of the sixth story is also flanked by shields and topped by a pediment with a shield.

Photograph published in 1910 in the book Both Sides of Broadway from Bowling Green to Central Park. Original title: Broadway, between 32nd and 33rd streets. Martinique Hotel - The Crossett Shoe - Charles Hauptner, Men's Wear - Lackawanna Real Estate Co. - United Cigar Stores Co. - Walker & Pattison - Lincoln Lunch, on the corner of 33rd Street.




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The Hotel Martinique, section on the corner of Broadway and West 32nd Street, under construction in 1910. The hotel opened its doors in 1898, originally at West 33rd Street.

It was designed by Henry J. Hardenbergh, the same architect of The Plaza. In 1998, the building was designated a New York City Landmark.


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Hotel Martinique on Broadway - 1910








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