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São Paulo has the largest and most diverse population in Brazil: more than 40 million people, of whom about 3 million are immigrants of 70 different nationalities. The state is recognized as one of the main destinations for business and events in the America and its capital, the city of São Paulo, is one of the major financial centers in the world.

The city is also full of cultural attractions. The Art Museum of São Paulo (MASP), the Municipal Theatre, the State Art Gallery and the Portuguese Language Museum are some of the cultural options in the city, which also offers night entertainment from Monday through Monday.

Tourists who visit the state of São Paulo have at their disposal more than 5,000 lodging facilities spread over 645 cities. In addition to 622 km of beautiful beaches such as Guarujá, Ilha Bela and Ubatuba, the state offers rural and ecological tourism in places like the Mantiqueira Mountain Range; cities with mountain climate like Campos do Jordão; caves and waterfalls like Vale do Ribeira; in addition to mountains, natural parks and historic buildings.

Capital: São Paulo. More: History of Brazil

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Serra da Bocaína

Landscape in the Serra da Bocaina National Park (photo Cores do Brasil).


São Paulo City


Beach in São Vicente in the coast of São Paulo. This beautiful city was founded, as a village, in 1532.


São Paulo


Map São Paulo


Avenida Paulista, the financial center of the city.


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