California is one of the most visited states of The United States. Famous cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles (largest city), San Diego and great national parks: Yosemite, Sequoia National Park, located in central California (home to the 84 m General Sherman giant sequoia, considered the most massive tree in the world), Redwood National Park in the northwestern portion of the state. Joshua Tree National Park, Kings Canyon National Park, located in the Sierra Nevada and the Death Valley. The state capital is Sacramento.



Fisherman's Wharf


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Hollywood Hills and the Walk of Fame, in Los Angeles.


San Francisco's trolley car in the Fisherman's Wharf (SFCVB photo by Jerry Lee Hayes).


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California map




Los Angeles


Stanford University


Washington DC


San Francisco




The State Capitol building, in Sacramento, capital of California.


Golden Gate


Parks California


Bixby Bridge and Big Sur coast.


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Above, sand duunes in the Death Valley National Park.

Below, Balboa Park in San Diego.


San Diego


Campus of the Stanford University, opened in 1891.




Merced River - Yosemite National Park.


Big Sur


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Mount Lassen, Lassen Volcanic National Park, northern California.


Death Valley







Mount Lassen