Parks of Montana


Montana has 55 state parks and 10 units administered by the National Park Service. Some are historic and cultural sites. Montana is known for the scenic beauty of its land.



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Bighorn Canyon


Fly Fishing in Paradise Valley (credit: Dusan Smetana).


Nevada City




Natural Bridge Falls and the Boulder River, Montana.


Hyalite Creek


Hot Springs


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Hyalite Creek near Bozeman (credit: Dusan Smetana).


Thunderbird Mountain


Two white-tailed deer in the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument (credit: NPS).


Bison in Yellowstone National Park (credit: Dusan Smetana).


Ski resorts


Above, Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area in Montana.


Boulder River


Thunderbird Mountain


Map Montana




Lynx in southern Montana.




Stoney Indian Pass Trail, Glacier National Park.


Glacier National Park


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Black bear


Hot springs near Chico.


Nevada City in Montana. It was a mining ghost town until the Bovey family restored it between 1945 and 1978. The town is a living historical museum.






Parks of Montana


Black bear.







Credit: Bob Webster


Credit: Donnie Sexton


Credit: Bob Webster