Broadway, East Side. 12th to 14th St. - 1899


Image depicts buildings on the east side of Broadway, old NYC, from 12th Street to 14th Street. The 13th Street is in the middle. Morton House is on the left. Source: A Pictorial Description of Broadway, published in 1899 by Mail & Express Company, publisher of the Evening Mail (New York Public Library).


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West Side Broadway NYC

46 - Broadway, west side. 10th to 12th St. 1899.


Panoramic View Broadway


Decker Building

50 - Broadway, West Side, Union Square. 14th to 17th St. - 1899.


West side buildings NYC

48 - Broadway, west side. 12th to 14th St.


Union Square NY

51 - Union Square, Broadway, east side, 12th to 14th St. - 1899


Pictorial Description Broadway





Grace Church NY

47 - Broadway, east side. 10th to 12 St. Grace Church - 1899.













Broadway, East Side. 12th to 14th St. - 1899





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