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New York is one of the most photographed cities in the world, since the nineteenth century. By 1925, the City of New York surpassed London as the world’s largest metropolis. It has changed a lot since then, but still has its charm.

Click on the images below to enlarge them. They are a fine collection of antique photographs and illustrations of the City of New York.

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New York City







Bridges NYC


Chinatown NY



South Street NY


NYC parks


More Antique Images of NYC:

New York in 17th Century

New York in 18th Century

New York in 19th Century

Antique Photos of Manhattan

Antique Images of Brooklyn

Antique Images of Bronx

Antique Images of Queens

Antique Images of Staten Island

Antique Images of Broadway

Antique Images of 5th Avenue

Antique Images of Chinatown

Vintage images of Times Square


Wall Street


Brooklyn old


City New York panorama


New York City


Monroe Street


Fifth Avenue New York


Old New York


Looking down Pike St. to Manhattan Bridge (1933).



NYC Skyscrapers


Times Square NY

Times Square - 1937.


Fountain Central Park NY


NY Hotels


Historic Buildings


Bowling Green images


Vintage images


Broadway NY


Empire State Building


New York Skyline images


Churches NY


Empire State Building


Ellis Island


Theater NYC


Park Avenue NY


Nita Naldi was born in New York City, in 1894, and became a famous actress in the silent movie era.


United Nations Buildings


Union Square


Sub-Treasury Building


Wall Street images


Plaza NY


Empire State images


Map NYC 18th century




Eighteenth century


Times Square


Doyer Street vintage photo

Pell Street, Chinatown - 1909.


Statue Liberty NYC


Waldorf Astoria New York



Aerial image NY




NY Street Scenes


Park Row


Governors Island NY



Washington Square images




Herald building



Manhattan skyline


Construction UN





Flatiron images


Winter NYC


Washington Square NYC


Bethesda Fountain


NY Nineteenth Century


Times Square


Wall Street old


Central Park




Lake Central Park

A Lake view in Central Park, 1901.




Mulberry Street











Samuel Gottscho