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Religion has played an important role in the history of U.S.A. The first houses of worship in New York City were built in the 17th century by Dutch settlers. Since then, many others churches have been built in the City. Some of the oldest existing churches were built in the 18th century.


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Broadway showing Trinity Church and Grace Church in 1820 by William Strickland (1787-1854). Source: Columbia University.

This is the second temple of Trinity Church, completed in 1790 and demolished, in 1839. Grace Church, old temple on the corner of Broadway and Rector Street, held the first worship service on December 21, 1808. The new building, where the church sits today, was consecrated on March 7, 1846.


Trinity Church


New York 18th century


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Saint Patrick Cathedral


St. John Chapel


Saint Mark's Church


Brick Church


Cathedral Saint John


Marble Collegiate Church


Grace Church


Church Holy Trinity


Riverside Church


Synod Hall NY


Saint George's Church


Church Transfiguration



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Central Presbyterian Church


New York City 19th century


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Churches of New York


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