5th Avenue from 42nd Street - 1880


Fifth Avenue, looking south from Hotel Bristol on 42nd Street. Photograph showing New York City's 5th Ave. when it was primarily a residential area. The old Croton Distributing Reservoir is on the right. The Brick Church, on the corner of 37th Street, is in the distance. The "House of Mansions", between 41st and 42nd streets, built in 1856, is on the left.

Copyright 1880 (expired) by Charles Pollock (1832-1910), Boston. Source: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C.

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Vanderbilt Mansion, Fifth Avenue


5th Ave

Fragment of The City of New York by Galt & Hoy, 1879.


Marble Collegiate Church


Fifth Avenue New York


Fifth Avenue 42nd Street

Opposite view. Hotel Bristol is on the left.


5th Avenue from 42nd Street - 1880


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