Nursing Alumni Club House, Longacre House, at 317 West 45th Street



Longacre Hotel


This hotel opened its doors in 1918 at 317 West 45th Street. Philanthropist and businessman Vincent Astor constructed the building to operate as female nurses' club hotel.

The New York Hospital-Cornell University School of Nursing Alumni Association was founded on September 26, 1893 at the New York Hospital on West 15th Street. In February 1898, the Association established the Nurses' Club House, a residence for unmarried, female nurses. The following years, the Club House existed in several locations in Manhattan.

In May 1918, the Nursing Alumni Club House was established in the building at 317 West 45th Street. This building was constructed by Vincent Astor (1891-1959), son of the John Jacob Astor IV, for a female nurses' club hotel affiliated with the Society of the New York Hospital.

In 1923, the Allerton House for Women at 130 East 57th St., built by the Allerton group, opened its doors.

In 1942, the eight-story Club Hotel, at 317 West Forty-fifth Street, was leased by James Stewart Cushman, former head of the Allerton New York Corporation. The former Nurses' Club House closed in September 1942. According to the New York Times (September 28, 1942), the building containing 165 sleeping rooms, reception room, lounge, library and dining room was leased from Vincent Astor. The Longacre House Corporation, James Stewart Cushman president, was the lessee and the hotel was renamed Longacre House. It was then operated as a club hotel for women. James S. Cushman bought the property by in July 1943. Long Acre was the former name of Times Square.

In 1982, the Longacre House was recommended by the New York Times (November 7, 1982) as a safe place to stay for women.

It became Aladdin Hotel / hostel before 2001. In 2002 the hotel was sold. The operating company, 317 Aladdin Hotel Corp. Later it was used as homeless shelter. In 2011, its sign indicated Longacre Hotel (photo on the right).

In August 2019, the Department of Homeless Services informed Aladdin residents that they would be moved from the hotel. Later it was closed. The property was controlled by brothers Stuart and Jay Podolsky. In 2021, Wright Investments Inc. listed the hotel to auction and it was reopened later.


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Vintage image of the old Club House at 317 West 45th St. Source: Medical Center Archives of New York-Presbyterian / Weill Cornell.


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The old Nursing Alumni Club House building at 317 West 45th St., constructed by Vincent Astor. This photo taken in 2011 by Google Street View, shows the building with a Longacre Hotel sign.


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