Gilsey House on Broadway - 1910


Broadway looking north from 29th Street. Gilsey House is the building on the corner on the right. The old Grand Hotel (partially seen on the left) became the New Grand Hotel about 1904. Shanley Building, at 1204 Broadway, was constructed in the 1890s and still exists. In 1905, the same sign of Shanley’s Restaurant was in the façade of the smaller building at 1210 Broadway. We can also see the old Hofbrau Haus at 1214 Broadway that opened in 1898. The Southern Railway office in the Gilsey House's ground floor was opened about 1906. Photograph published in 1910 in Both Sides of Broadway, from Bowling Green to Central Park, New York City (The De Leeuw Riehl Pub. Co.).


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Broadway, east side. 29th to 31st Street, Grand Hotel and Gilsey House - 1899.


Gilsey House on Broadway - 1910