Shelton Hotel on Lexington Avenue - 1920s


The Shelton (New York Marriott East Side, after 1990) at 525 Lexington Avenue, between East 48th Street and East 49th Street, looking south from around E 50th St., Midtown Manhattan.

The Shelton was originally constructed as a men’s apartment hotel with 1,200 bedrooms plus library, lounge, Turkish bath and sports facilities, the hotel opened its doors to women later in 1924. It is one of the first skyscraper residential hotels.

Photo from the New-York Historical Society, taken by Irving Browning (1895-1961) after 1924, when the Shelton opened its doors, and 1929, when the Chrysler Building could be seen in the distance in Lexington Avenue.




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The Waldorf Astoria was built a few years later near the Sheldon.


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Shelton Hotel on Lexington Avenue - 1920s



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