Century Building - 74 Broadway


The old "Century Building" in the Financial District (72-74 Broadway / 9 to 11 New Street) is usually referred as 74 Broadway, but it was also known as Arthur Building. It was erected, between 1901 and the first half of 1902, by the Century Building Company, organized in April 1901, with George W. Arthur as president.

The Century Building was erected on property adjoining the nine stories high Union Trust Building (80 Broadway), constructed in 1890. At 64, 66 and 68 Broadway was the Manhattan Life Building, the tallest building in New York until 1899. The Century Building was designed by Bruce Price. It was 20 stories high with gable roof and considered fireproof.

By 1903, the Century Building was fully occupied, including by many stock exchange firms. The building was sold to Franklin Petit in 1918. This office building was demolished in 1929 to make way for the 50-story Irving Trust Building (One Wall Street).


74 Broadway

Century Building, illustration published in 1903.


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George W. Arthur, president of the Century Building Co. at the time of the construction of the 74 Broadway Building.


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Century Building


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The Century Building (74 Broadway) seen from behind Trinity Church. Photograph by Detroit Publishing Co., 1905


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Buildings on the east side of Broadway, from Exchange Place to Wall Street, including the Union Trust Building and the Manhattan Life Building - 1899.


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Century Building - 74 Broadway