Bryant Building at 55 Liberty Street


The old Bryant Building at 55 Liberty Street was a seven-story building located between Nassau Street and Liberty Place, in Manhattan. In the early years it housed the headquarters of The Evening Post.

William Cullen Bryant (1794-1878) became associate editor of the New-York Evening Post in 1826 and editor-in-chief in 1829. He was the owner of the building at 55 Liberty St. and part owner of The Evening Post.

In April 1853, the headquarters of The Evening Post (name adopted in 1832) was removed to 41 Nassau Street, corner of Liberty Street, near to the old Post Office.

It seems that the Bryant Building was erected around the 1860s. It included the site of 41 Nassau Street and it was the headquarters of The Evening Post until 1875, when it was removed to the new building at 208 Broadway. The address of The Evening Post, printed on the newspaper, was 41 Nassau Street from 1853 to 1875.

The Bryant Building was demolished in 1909 to make way for the Liberty Tower, completed in 1910.


Building 55 Liberty St




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Building erected on the site that included the old Post's headquarters at 41 Nassau Street.


Bryant Building map


Bryant Building entrance details at 55 Liberty Street (photo by Robert L. Bracklow, ca. 1882-1909, from the New-York Historical Society).


William Cullen Bryant

William Cullen Bryant


Post Headquarters


The site of the Bryant Building indicated as Evening Post in the Plan of New York City by Mathew Dripps (with additional text), published in 1867.


New York Post


Map published in 1857 (with additional text), showing the headquarters of the Evening Post on Nassau St., corner of Liberty Street. Perris & Browne (Publisher) from the N.Y. Public Library.


Nassau Street map


Map Bryant Building


Below, map indicating the location of the Bryant Building, at 55 Liberty Street, corner of Nassau Street (fragment of the 1885 Robinson's Atlas of the City of New York / NYPL).


Above, the Bryant Building indicated on the corner of Nassau Street and Liberty Street. Fragment of a perspective map not drawn to scale (with additional text), published by Galt & Hoy, 1879.


41 Nassau Street


Bryant Building at 55 Liberty Street


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