Africa is the second largest continent of the world and has about 816 million people. It has an incredible diversity in culture and in environment. The continent is recognized as the birthplace of the Homo Sapiens and of historical civilizations.

The African continent has an impressive climate diversity and a strongly contrasting landscape. The northern part of the continent is dominated by the Sahara desert, the largest desert in the world. The central and southern parts has magnificent equatorial forests.

Diversity also happens in the African's cultural life. There is a huge difference between culture and income, when cities, like Cairo or Cape Town, are compared with the tribes of Masai Mara, in Kenya.

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Victoria Falls - Located in the Zambezi river, in the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. The Victoria Falls is 108 meters heigh, it is the biggest waterfall of Africa, about two times deeper and two times wider than Niagara Falls. After the Victoria Falls, the waters of Zambezi river go down to the Kariba Lake. The British explorer David Livingstone was the first European to see the Falls, in 1855, and named them after Queen Victoria.




Masai village, Amboseli National Park, in Kenya.


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The African People

Four fifth of the African territory is situated between the tropics of Capricorn and Cancer. Equator cuts the continent almost in the middle. The African people struggles to make a living in this hot continent.

The quality and cultural diversity of life in the 53 independent countries of Africa, reaches extremes. There are paradises, like Seychelles Islands and Mauritius, with per capita income above 6,000 dollars and paradisiacal beaches. On the other hand, there are inhospitable lands on most part of Mali and Niger.


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View of Cape Town in South Africa. More pictures of Cape Town.







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