Forty-Two Broadway Building - 1910


Original title: Broadway, No. 42. The Empire Trust Co. - J.S Bache & Co., Bankers. Hudson Building is on the right. Photograph published in 1910 in the photobook Both Sides of Broadway from Bowling Green to Central Park.

The 21-story building (243-foot tall) at 42 Broadway, in the Financial District, was completed in 1904. The architect was Henry Ives Cobb, who was influenced by the French Renaissance style and old Florentine architecture.


Forty Two Broadway


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Produce Exchange Bank

4 - Produce Exchange Bank, 10-12 Broadway, at Beaver Street.


Broadway NY

Broadway, east side, Hudson Building to Exchange Place - 1899.


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9 - Office buildings on the west side of Broadway. Columbia Building and Morris Street is on the left.


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Standard Oil Building

6 - Broadway, east side, Standard Oil Building and Welles Building - 1910.


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Forty-Two Broadway Building - 1910