Hamburg-American Building on Broadway - 1910


Photograph of office buildings, on the west side of Broadway, published in 1910 in the book Both Sides of Broadway from Bowling Green to Central Park. Original title: Broadway, at Exchange Place. Hamburg-American Building - Childs' Restaurant - Flower & Co., Bankers.

The former Aldrich Court Building (45 Broadway), was completed in 1886, built by the estate of Herman D. Aldrich. The ten stories high (120 feet) office building, covering 41, 43 and 45 Broadway, was provided with four rapid elevators. It went to auction in 1905. Later, the name changed to Hamburg-American (Line) Building. On November 8, 1917, the building was seized by the United States Government to be used as the headquarters of communications between the United States and its allies' armies in Europe. The Kaiser was personally one of the largest stockholders in the Hamburg-American Line.

In 1983, a 32-story office building (45 Broadway Atrium) was completed on the site.


Hamburg-American Building


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Morris Street

7 - Morris Street seen from Broadway in 1910.


Both Sides of Broadway


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9 - Office buildings on the left side of the Hamburg-American Building, on Broadway - 1910.


Tower Building NY

12 - Numbers 44 - 50 Broadway, Tower Building.


Holland Society


Bronze tablet installed in 1890 by the Holland Society of New York, on the outer wall of 41 Broadway (Hamburg-American Building), with inscription about the Dutch explorer Adrian Block. In the same historical site stood the Alexander Macomb House, that served as the second U.S. Presidential Mansion.


Aldrich Court

Broadway, from Morris St. to Exchange Alley - 1899.


Hamburg-American Building on Broadway - 1910



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