Tower Building - 1910


Photograph published in 1910 in the book Both Sides of Broadway from Bowling Green to Central Park. Original title: Nos. 44 - 50 Broadway. Ground floor occupants are: Art Goods Store - Washington Café - Stephen A. Cooper & Co., Tailors [Tower Building]. The lateral of the Forty-Two Broadway Building, to the right, was cut off the photo by the original author.

The Tower Building, on the left, was completed in 1889 and was the first building to use a steel skeleton structure. It was demolished in 1914.


Tower Building


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Tower Building


Both Sides of Broadway


Hamburg-American Building

11 - Broadway, west side, at Exchange Place.


Washington Café

The Washington Café entrance (48 Broadway) in 1907. Photo by Robert L. Bracklow / New York Historical Society.


Broadway NY

Broadway, east side, Hudson Building to Exchange Place - 1899.






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Tower Building - 1910


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