Broadway, West Side. 31st to 34th St. - 1899


The old New York City in the late nineteenth century. Image depicts buildings and shops on Broadway, west side, from 31st to 34th Street. The Union Dime Savings Institution Building, constructed in 1874 at 32nd St. and the elevated railway on Sixth Avenue are on the right. Source: A Pictorial Description of Broadway, published in 1899 by Mail & Express Company, publisher of the Evening Mail (from the New York Public Library).


Union Dime Savings


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Actually 32nd St.


Herald Square NY

67 - Broadway, east side, 34th to 37th. Herald Square and Broadway Tabernacle - 1899.


Old Broadway NYC

66 - Broadway, west side. 34th to 37th - 1899.


Old Broadway NYC

65 - Broadway, east side, 31st to 34th St. - 1899.


Broadway 6th Avenue



63 - Broadway, east side. 29th to 31st St - 1899.


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Pictorial Description Broadway




Old New York City

62 - Broadway, west side, 29th to 31st St. - 1899.




Broadway, West Side. 31st to 34th St. - 1899


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