Sixth Avenue


Sixth Avenue is a major thoroughfare in Manhattan, also called Avenue of the Americas. It runs northbound from Franklin Street, in TriBeCa, to 59th Street, bordering Central Park. It was commissioned in 1811.

Until the early 20th century, the stretch of Manhattan that lies along Broadway and Sixth Avenue, between 23d and 33d Streets, was at the heart of New York life.

The avenue's official name was changed to Avenue of the Americas in 1945 by the City Council, the bill was signed into law by the mayor on October 2. The change, however, was not popular and now the avenue has both names.

Avenue Americas

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Sixth Avenue


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Above, stores, offices and elevated tracks on Sixth Avenue, looking north from 14th Street, 1905. It was the second elevated railway in Manhattan. The building with a tower in the distance was the Siegel Cooper Department Store, opened in 1896, then considered to be the largest in the world (vintage post card by Rotograph Co).


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Rockefeller Center


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Knickerbocker Cottage


6th Avenue at 45th Street in the 1990s.


New York Athletic Club


Broadway 6th Avenue


The historic Knickerbocker Cottage in the 19th century, a tavern located in 6th Avenue, between 27th and 28th Streets.


St. Moritz Hotel


Crystal Palace


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Barbizon Plaza


Elevated Railway NY


Manhattan 19th century

Lower Manhattan, looking south from 42nd Street, showing the Croton Reservoir and the Crystal Palace, built for the Exhibition of the Industries of All Nations, 1853/1854.


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Sixth Avenue