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The Holland House was a majestic hotel located at 276 Fifth Avenue, on the southwest corner of 30th Street in Manhattan, adjoining the Marble Collegiate Church. It opened on December 7, 1891 and closed in 1920. It is currently a loft building.

It was owned by Mrs. J. Van Doren, who leased the hotel for 15 years to Herbert M. Kinsley and his son-in-law Gustav Baumann, both Chicago restaurateurs. Kinsley died in 1894 and Baumann continued with the hotel.

Old mansions on the southwest corner of Fifth Avenue and 30th Street were demolished and construction of the Holland House began in 1890. Its doors were opened on December 7, 1891. The Waldorf Hotel was then still under construction a few blocks north.

The building with 11 floors above ground and considered to be fireproof was designed by architects George Edward Harding & Gooch. The façades were built of gray Indiana limestone and the grand portico was decorated with stone carvings. The interior was luxuriously decorated primarily based on the original Holland House Hotel in London. The café had electric lights in crystal globes hang from silver chandeliers above every table.

The hotel closed its doors in 1920. It became an office building in the 1920s. It was stripped down of its richly decorated interior and the portico was demolished.


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The Grand Staircase of the Holland House built of Siena marble and decorated with tapestry, painting and carvings. The ceiling near the staircase was decorated in silver.

Below, a reproduction of the Gilt Room of the Cope Castle (also known as Holland House) in London, in Elizabethan style, with some additions of the Jacobean period. The chandeliers were of Flemish workmanship. Photographs taken between 1892 and 1896 (stereoscopic view, Popular Series, from NYPL).


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The Holland House in a vintage postcard by Detroit Photographic, 1900.




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The old portico of the Holland House, one of the finest piece of architectural door work in New York at the time. Fragment of undated photo from George P. Hall & Son photograph collection, New-York Historical Society.


Holland House




The Office of the Holland House, from Holland house, Fifth avenue and Thirtieth street, New York, by H. M. Kinsley & Baumann, 1891 (illustrated souvenir).




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