Holt's Hotel - 1831



Holt's Hotel

This six-story above ground hotel was erected by Mr. Holt facing Fulton Street, between Pearl Street and Water Street, occupying the entire block. It opened about 1831. It was a high rise hotel at the time, following the six-story Adelphi Hotel, built around 1829 on Bowling Green.

More details from Views in New-York and its environs from accurate, characteristic, & picturesque drawings..., 1831: The front on Fulton St. was 100 feet, on Pearl street 76 feet 6 inches, on Water street 85 feet 6 inches. It was 6 stories high, beside the basement. The height of the main building to the top of the cornice, was 75 feet; to the top of the promenade 85 feet; from the side walk to the top of the dome 125 feet. It contained a dining hall 100 feet in length, two side dining rooms 45 feet each, together with 25 parlours, making in all 165 rooms. One thousand people could be accommodated with dinner at once, and 300 with lodgings at night. The number of windows in the building was 450. Appertaining to the establishment was a well, bored 370 feet yielding, a constant supply of pure rock water, which by means of a steam engine was conveyed to every part of the building. Large cisterns were also placed in the garrets, to which hose are attached, for the purpose of conveying water freely and constantly.

Holt's Hotel was later operated as the United States Hotel and it was closed in the early 20th century.


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Holt's Hotel seen from Brooklyn Heights, about 1836.


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Holt's Hotel - 1831


Original title: Holt's New Hotel (corner of Fulton and Water Street). Illustration drawn by A. Dick, engraved by M. Osborne and published by Peabody & Co. , 1831. Source: New York Public Library.



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