Rossmore Hotel on Broadway - 1876


The old Rossmore Hotel on Broadway, about the time it opened on February 8, 1876. Illustration published in the Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, February 26, 1876. Original title: New York City. The Rossmore Hotel, on Broadway, between Forty-first and Forty-second Streets, opened February 8th.

The building on the right, corner of 42nd Street, became later the Hotel Metropole and merged with Rossmore Hotel.

The building on the left, corner of 42nd Street, was the old St. Cloud Hotel, which opened in 1868. It was replace by Knickerbocker Hotel, which opened in 1906.

To the north on Broadway was the old Long Acre Square, renamed Times Square in 1904


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Rossmore Hotel on Broadway - 1876


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Knickerbocker Hotel replaced St. Cloud Hotel, on the corner of 42nd Street, which is partly seen in the illustration above.



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