South America


In South America there are twelve countries and about 378 million people. It has the greatest linguistic integration of all the continents: the great majority of the people speaks Portuguese or Spanish.

The Amazon River is the world's greatest river in volume and in length.

Latin America does not exist.


South America


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Guia Parana




Salvador Beach


Capoeira played in the Historic Center of Salvador, Brazil, following the rhythm of berimbau. The Brazilian martial art was created in Bahia, in the 17th century, by African slaves seeking liberty.






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Buenos Aires


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Ruins of Machu Picchu, an old Inca citadel located in the Eastern Cordillera of southern Peru. More: Images of South America


Peru Inca



Santa Catarina


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Torres del Paine National Park - The jagged granite mountains of Torres del Paine is a spectacle of colors and forms, located in the Chilean Patagonia, in Andes.



Punta del Este - Uruguay

Punta del Este, Uruguay.

Punta del Este - Uruguay

Punta del Este is a resort in the Atlantic coast of Uruguay. This cosmopolitan city has casinos, beaches and excellent structure for tourism. The main beaches are Playa Mansa, on the Río de la Plata, and Playa Brava, on the Atlantic coast. La Barra del Maldonado, 5km east of Punta del Este, has also clean and beautiful beaches. Map of Uruguay.


Farol de Itapuã in Salvador


São Paulo SP




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South America


Torres del Paine National Park





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