Harbor of the City of New York - 1898


The Harbor of the City of New York. Panoramic illustration by L. Graham, copyright 1898 by Truth Company. Taken from the Liberty Island.  Source: Popular and applied graphic art print filing series / Library of Congress.


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NYC in the 19th Century




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Copyright © Geographic Guide - 19th Century NYC.


Enlargement of the central part of the illustration above. Name of buildings taken from the bottom.


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Some data about the City of New York at the bottom of the illustration:

Population: 3,195,059.

Annual tonnage New York Harbor: 8,848,000.

Annual exports: $416,388,942.

Annual imports: $486,536,700.

Votes cast (election, 1897): 526,556.

Area in acres: 193,850.

Area of parks (acres): 6,587.

Assessed valuation, real estate: $2,377,277,825.

Personal property: $415,268.927.

Bonded debt (net): $185,081,855.

Value of public property: $360,187,933.

Annual expenditure: $60,000,000.

Employees of City: 33,000.

Salaries, City employees (annual): $33,000,000.

Miles of water front: 353.

Miles of sewers: 1,156.

Miles of paved streets: 1,002 (stone: 695, asphalt: 132, macadam: 175).

Daily water supply (gallons): 330,000,000.

Miles of street railways: 531.

Number of public schools: 342.

Number of public school teachers: 7,857.

Number of public school children: 359,668.

Cost of maintaining public schools (annual): $9, 110,637.

Annual exchanges through New York Clearing House: $31.337,760,947.

Factory employees (estimated): 635,000.

Wages paid factory employees (estimated) $400,000,000.


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Harbor of the City of New York - 1898