City of New York, Bird's Eye View - 1870


Panoramic illustration of the City of New York, looking north from Upper New York Bay, with Battery Park in the foreground. Copyrighted 1870 by Currier & Ives, publishers. Source: Huntington Library, Collection of Graphic Arts and Social History.

In 1870, the total population of the City of New York was 942,292 residents. It was the United States' most populous city. At the time, Brooklyn Bridge, over East River, was far from complete. Its construction began in 1870 and the bridge was opened in 1883. Jersey City and Hoboken are to the left, separated from Manhattan by Hudson River. Below, enlargement of the Manhattan's southern tip.

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City of New York


NYC in the 19th Century




Bird's Eye View



Brooklyn Bridge NY


Lower Manhattan New York


20th century


South Street


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City of New York, Bird's Eye View - 1870


NY 19th Century