Illustration of the City of New York - 1851


Panoramic view of the City of New York with Battery Park in the foreground. The population of New York was larger than that of Philadelphia and nearly five times as large as the population of Boston.

Illustration by Wilhelm Heine (1827-1885), Kummer & Döpler. Engraved by Himely. Printed by Goupil & Co., Paris, ©1851. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division. Below, enlargement of part of Downtown Manhattan.

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NY 19th century


Bird's Eye Views of NYC






Manhattan 19th century


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Panoramic View NY



Part of a hand-colored illustration based on the same panoramic view above (source Christie's).


New York City NY


City New York panorama


Brick Church


Hand coloring








Bowling Green












Illustration of the City of New York - 1851





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NY 19th Century