New York & Brooklyn - 1850s


Panoramic view of New York City and Brooklyn, with Upper New York Bay in the foreground. Original titles (French/Spanish): New York et Brooklyn - Vue prise au dessus dela batterie / Nueva York Y Brooklyn - Vista tomada en cima de la bateria. Below, enlargement of Lower manhattan.

Illustration drawn by the British artist William Simpson (1823-1899). Hand-colored lithograph by the French printmaker Théodore Müller (1819-1879). It is very similar to the illustration drawn by John Bachmann, copyrighted 1850. Source: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

After the opening of the Erie Canal, in 1825, Manhattan became one of the most busiest ports in America. Lower Manhattan was filled with freight
forwarders, shipping agents and wholesale merchants. The City of New York continued its fast growth in the following decades of the 19th century.


Panoramic View


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Lower Manhattan 19th century


Aerial views New York


Bird's Eye View of New York


Brooklyn 19th century


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New York & Brooklyn - 1850s









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