Aerial Vintage Views of New York City


The first aerial images of New York City were taken from balloons. Aerial photography with planes has become popular since the second decade of the 20th century. Today, the use of drones is a fashion.

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Antique photos of NYC



Aerial view


Southern Manhattan


Midtown Manhattan with Empire State Building, on the left, and U.N. Headquarters, on the right. View taken from a plane flying above the East River about the 1950s. Vintage postcard by Acacia Card Company.

Midtown Manhattan has become the largest business district in the country.


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Lower Manhattan


Lower Manhattan photography


New York NY


Ny photograph baloon


Lower Manhattan NY


Manhattan photographs


Aerial image NY


NY globe


NYC Bridges




Lower Manhattan




New York aerial




Aerial photos NYC


Southern Tip Manhattan


Hudson River


Upper Bay


New York Skyline images


Aerial Vintage Views of New York City






Antique photographs