Fifth Avenue from Start to Finish - 1911:  Broadway and Fifth Avenue from Madison Square


Wide-angled photograph showing the intersection of Broadway and Fifth Avenue from Madison Square. The West 23rd Street is to the left and no. 202 Berlitz, School of Languages is on the right, in front of Worth Square. You can see also Fifth Avenue Building (United Cigar Co.), Albemarle Hotel, Hoffman House, West 24th Street. Photo published by Welles & Co. NY, 1911. Source: New York Public Library.




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Fifth Avenue


Worth Square


East 22nd Street

18 - Fifth Avenue, east side. East 22nd Street and Flatiron Building.




Enlargement of the part on the right with Worth Square and its monument.


West 22nd Street

17 - Fifth Avenue, west side, West 22nd Street.


200 5th avenue



Fifth Avenue from Start to Finish


Madison Square NY

20 - Madison Square - 1911.



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