Fifth Avenue from Start to Finish - 1911


Wide-angled views of Fifth Avenue from Washington Square, north to East 93rd Street. Includes index of merchants and residents. Streetscapes of Metropolitan New York City published by Welles & Co. NY, 1911. Photographer: Burton Frederick Welles.

Above, title page with illustrations of Washington Arch, The New York Public Library and Richard Morris Hunt Memorial. To the right is the Coat-of-Arms, with Fifth Avenue, 1911 New York, engraved below in the opening page.

Source: Irma and Paul Milstein Division of United States History, Local History and Genealogy from The New York Public Library.


Fifth Avenue from Start to Finish


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Saint Patrick Cathedral



Washington Square

1 - Fifth Avenue, west side, from Washington Square to no. 12 Apartment house. West 8th St.


Washington Square images


Old First Presbyterian Church

5 - Fifth Avenue, West 11th St - West 12th Street, the Old First Presbyterian Church.


Shops 5th Avenue NY

7 - Fifth Avenue, west side, from no. 72 to no. 86. West 14th Street, shops and offices.


17th Street NY

12 - Fifth Avenue, east side, from 16th Street to 18th Street. 17th Street about the middle.


Fifth Avenue New York


Central Park images


West Side NY

11 - Fifth Avenue, west side, from 15th Street to no. 112. Shops and offices.


East 27th Street

24 - Fifth Avenue, East 27th Street - 1911.


Offices shops

16 - Fifth Avenue, east side, from no. 143 to no. 159. 21st Street.


East 32nd Street

30 - Fifth Avenue, buildings, East 32nd Street.


Park Avenue


West 27th Street

23 - Fifth Avenue, west side. West 27th Street.


East 34th Street

31 - Fifth Avenue, East 34th Street - 1911.


Madison Square NY

20 - Madison Square - 1911.


East 30th Street

28 - Fifth Avenue, East 30th Street - 1911.


Brunswick Building

22 - Brunswick Building and Madison Square.


Broadway NY

19 - Intersection of Broadway and Fifth Avenue from Madison Square.


East 91st Street

76 - Fifth Avenue and East 91st Street.


West 31st Street

27 - Fifth Avenue, offices, West 31st Street.


New York Public Library

39 - New York Public Library, Fifth Avenue and West 40th Street - 1911.


Fifth Avenue New York NY

6 - Fifth Avenue, east side, from no. 49 to no. 61. East 12th Street in the middle.


West 26th Street

21 - Fifth Avenue, west side. West 26th Street.


20th street NY

15 - Fifth Avenue, west side, from no. 152 to 21st Street. West 20th Street.


Offices 5th Ave NY

26 - Fifth Avenue, offices, East 29th Street - 1911.


Fifth Avenue

4 - Fifth Avenue, east side, from no. 23 to no. 41. East 10th St.


East 37th Street NY

36 - Fifth Avenue and East 37th Street.


West 51st Street

50 - Fifth Avenue and West 51st Street - 1911.


East 22nd Street

18 - Fifth Avenue, east side. East 22nd Street and Flatiron Building.


Offices NYC

14 - Fifth Avenue, east side, 18th Street.


West 28th Street

25 - Fifth Avenue, West 28th Street, Second National Bank - 1911.


Brick Church

35 - Fifth Avenue, West 37th Street, Brick Presbyterian Church - 1911.


East 41st Street

40 - Fifth Avenue and East 41st Street.


East 53rd Street

53 - Fifth Avenue and East 53rd Street - 1911.


East 77th Street

68 - Fifth Avenue and East 77th Street.


West 18th street

13 - Fifth Avenue, west side, from no. 126 to no. 140. 18th Street.


Temple Emanu-El

42 - Old Temple Emanu-el, Harriman National Bank, Fifth Avenue and East 43rd Street - 1911.


Windsor Arcade

47 - Fifth Avenue, Windsor Arcade - 1911.


East 67th Street NY

63 - Fifth Avenue and East 67th Street.


West 59th Street

56 - Fifth Avenue, Hotel Plaza, West 59th Street.


East 89th Street

75 - Fifth Avenue and East 89th Street.


East 57th Street

57 - Fifth Avenue and East 57th Street.


West 22nd Street

17 - Fifth Avenue, west side, West 22nd Street.


West 45th Street

43 - Fifth Avenue and West 45th Street.


Hotel Netherland

59 - Fifth Avenue, Hotel Netherland. East 60th St.


Presbyterian Church

54 - Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church and West 55th Street - 1911.


West 39th Street

37 - Fifth Avenue and West 39th Street.


East 81st Street

71 - Fifth Avenue and East 81st Street.


St. Patrick Cathedral

51 - Fifth Avenue, St. Patrick Cathedral and East 51st Street - 1911.


East 75th Street

67 - Fifth Avenue and East 75th Street - 1911.


East 87st Street

74 - Fifth Avenue and East 87th Street.


East 65th Street

62 - Fifth Avenue and East 65th Street.


Church of the Heavenly Rest

44 - Fifth Avenue, Church of the Heavenly Rest, East 45th Street - 1911.


East 49th Street

49 - Fifth Avenue and East 49th Street.


East 39th Street

38 - Fifth Avenue and East 39th Street.


East 79th Street

69 - Fifth Avenue and East 79th Street.


46th Street

45 - Fifth Avenue and West 46th Street.


East 73rd Street

66 - Fifth Avenue and East 73rd Street.


Lenox Library

65 - Fifth Avenue, Lenox Library, East 71st Street.


East 61st Street

60 - Fifth Avenue and East 61st Street.


East 83rd Street

72 - Fifth Avenue and East 83rd Street.


East 69th Street New York

64 - Fifth Avenue and East 69th Street - 1911.


West 43rd Street

41 - Fifth Avenue and West 43rd Street.



East 85th Street

73 - Fifth Avenue and East 85th Street.


NYC shops

34 - Fifth Avenue, East 36th Street and Shops.


East 55th St

55 - Fifth Avenue and East 55th Street.


West 53rd Street

52 - Fifth Avenue and West 53rd Street.


West 49th Street

48 - Fifth Avenue and West 49th Street.


West 36th Street

33 - Fifth Avenue and West 36th Street.


Metropolitan Museum of Art

70 - Metropolitan Museum of Art - 1911.


NYC Fifth Avenue

9 - Fifth Avenue, west side, from no. 90 to 16th Street.


Hotel Savoy

58 - Fifth Avenue, East 59th Street, Plaza Bank and Hotel Savoy - 1911.



32 - Fifth Avenue, Hotel Waldorf-Astoria, West 34th Street, Knickerbocker Trust Company - 1911.


Old NY

10 - Fifth Avenue, east side, from 14th St. to 15th Street. Fourteenth Street Bank.


West 47th Street

46 - Fifth Avenue and West 47th Street.


East 93rd Street

77 - Fifth Avenue and East 93rd Street.


East 63rd Street

61 - Fifth Avenue and East 63rd Street - 1911.


Hotel Brevoort

2 - Fifth Avenue, east side, from Washington Square (no. 1) to no. 19. Hotel Brevoort, 8th St.


Fifth Avenue 1911


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Old offices

8 - Fifth Avenue, east side, from no. 59 to 14th St.


Church of the Ascension

3 - Fifth Avenue, west side, from no. 24 Charles de Rham to no. 42 Wm. Brockie. Church of the Ascension, on the corner of West 10th Street.


West 32nd Street

29 - Fifth Avenue, shops, West 32nd St. - 1911.


Fifth Avenue from Start to Finish - 1911



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