Fifth Avenue from Start to Finish - 1911: Hotel Waldorf-Astoria, West 34th Street


Wide-angled photo showing buildings on the west side of Fifth Avenue. West 33rd St. - Hotel Waldorf-Astoria - Knickerbocker Trust Co. - Aeolian Hall, pianos - No. 362 Maillards, confectioners. West 34th Street. Photograph published by Welles & Co. NY, 1911, part of the series Fifth Avenue New York from Start to Finish. Source: New York Public Library.




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Fifth Avenue









East 32nd Street

30 - Fifth Avenue, buildings, East 32nd Street.


Hotel Waldorf-Astoria and West 34th Street.


East 34th Street

31 - Fifth Avenue, East 34th Street - 1911.


Fifth Avenue from Start to Finish


West 32nd Street

29 - Fifth Avenue, shops, West 32nd St. - 1911.


Knickerbocker Trust




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Knickerbocker Trust building.




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