Fifth Avenue from Start to Finish - 1911: Metropolitan Museum of Art



Wide-angled photo showing the Metropolitan Museum of Art on the west side of Fifth Avenue, in Central Park area. This building at 681 Fifth Avenue opened in 1872.

Photograph published by Welles & Co. NY, 1911, part of the series 5th Avenue New York from Start to Finish. Source: New York Public Library.


Metropolitan Museum of Art


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Fifth Avenue





East 75th Street

67 - Fifth Avenue and East 75th Street - 1911.



Museum Bronx


East 83rd Street

72 - Fifth Avenue and East 83rd Street.


Daniel Webster


East 81st Street

71 - Fifth Avenue and East 81st Street.


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East 79th Street

69 - Fifth Avenue and East 79th Street.


Lenox Library

65 - Fifth Avenue, Lenox Library, East 71st Street.


Fifth Avenue from Start to Finish




East 77th Street

68 - Fifth Avenue and East 77th Street.


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