Hotel Ansonia - 1904


The Hotel Ansonia seen from Verdi Square, looking northwest. The hotel opened its doors in the early 1903 on Broadway, between West 73rd Street and W 74th St., Manhattan. The building is a New York City Landmark with Beaux Arts façade and a mansard roof. The old Rutgers Presbyterian Church is to the left.

Photograph copyrighted 1904 by Detroit Publishing Company. Original title: Ansonia Apartments, New York (source: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division).


Ansonia NY


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Ansonia Apartments

Photograph taken from Verdi Square, looking northwest.




Ansonia Hotel NYC

Another view of the hotel, looking southwest.


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30th Street

The Holland House at 276 Fifth Avenue, on the southwest corner of 30th Street in Manhattan. The Marble Collegiate Church is to the left.


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Hotel Ansonia - 1904