Demolition of the Old Astor House in 1913


Photo shows the demolition of the southern part of the old Astor House, from Vesey Street, on November 1, 1913, due to subway construction. In 1916, another building was erected on the same site, the Astor House Building, seen on the left, was erected on the same site. Part of the Woolworth Building is seen in the background and the old Post Office is on the right. Source: New York Public Library.




Antique photos of NYC




Antique photographs


Street scene Broadway

Astor House is on the right.


Saint Pauls Chapel

The original Astor House building is on the left, seen from the site of St. Paul's Chapel.



Buildings Broadway

The northern part of Astor House is in the center of this photo and the Astor House Building, constructed in 1916, is on the left.


Astor House


Astor House Building


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Demolition of the Old Astor House in 1913