St. Denis Hotel - 1853


The St. Denis, at the southwest corner of Broadway and East Eleventh Street, as published in April 1853 in the Putnam's Monthly magazine. Wood engraving by Jacob Wells and Richardson & Cox. Source: NYPL.

The old St. Denis Hotel opened its doors in June, 1853, at 799 Broadway, corner of 11th Street, directly opposite Grace Church, in New York City. According to the magazine, "The St. Denis is a rather outré and dreamy-looking building six stories high". "Its external character, though bizarre and fantastical in the extreme, is very far from being unpleasant. The profuse ornamentations are not of a costly character, being castings of cement. The defect of the building, architecturally speaking, is the want of a door, there being nothing to distinguish the main entrance from the windows on the same floor."

St. Denis Hotel was expanded twice, about 1875 and in 1891. It was closed in 1917-1919 and transformed into an office building. It was demolished in 2019.


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St. Denis Hotel is on the southwest corner of 11th Street, on the right.


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St. Denis Hotel - 1853