New York Skyline - 1900



New York 1900


View of Manhattan skyline at the turn of the 19th century to the 20th century. Time of rising skyscrapers. Copyright by Geo. P. Hall & Son, May 4, 1900. Source: Library of Congress. Below, enlargement of the part on the left, including Pier 11 - Metropolitan Steamship Line for Boston.

Hudson River was a key leg in the transport of goods between New York Harbor and the Great Lakes via the Erie Canal, opened in 1825 The Hudson eventually became a source of drinking water for cities, process water for industry and recreation.


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Hudson River side


The Park Row Building, completed in 1899.


Skyscraper 1900


Manhatan skyline NY


The World Building, completed in 1890.


Enlargement of the Manhattan Life Building, completed in 1894.


Lower Manhattan


Old Equitable Building


Skyline Manhattan NYC


Manhattan Life building




American Surety Building


Copyright © Geographic Guide - 19th Century NYC, cityscape photograph.


Enlargement of the central part of the photograph, showing the spire of Trinity Church, on the right, and the top of two of the early skyscrapers in New York, built in the 1870s: the Equitable Building and the Mutual Life Building.



New York Skyline - 1900



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Mutual Life Building


Enlargement of the Washington Building, opened in 1884.


Washington building

Equitable Building