Panoramic view of New York, taken from the North River - 1840

Aquatint drawn, engraved and published by Robert Havell (1793-1878), vessels painted by James Fulton Pringle (1788-1847). Copyright 1840. Source: New York Public Library. Enlargements below.

The print contains references in the lower margin to Clinton Market, Washington Market, Shad Fishing, Battery and British Queen (the first transatlantic steamboat). The Hudson (North) River is busy with river traffic. Robert Havell arrived in the United States in 1839.

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Panoramic view New York



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Enlargement of buildings in the part on the left, with additional texts.


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View of the Bay and City of New York from Weehawken (New Jersey), 1840. Oil on canvas by Robert Havell Jr., the same artist and the same year of the illustration above. Source: Metropolitan Museum of Art.


Enlargement of the skyline on the right, with additional texts.









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Panoramic view of New York, taken from the North River - 1840