George Washington Monument - Union Square - 1890s


The George Washington Monument at Union Square, New York City, looking north. Source: Robert L. Bracklow photograph collection, New-York Historical Society. This photograph was take before the construction of the 12-story Parker Building (not in this picture), completed in 1900 at the southeast corner of Fourth Avenue (later Park Avenue South) and 19th Street. It was taken after the construction of Jackson Building, completed in 1892, seen on the left.

The monument was originally located at the southeast corner of Union Square, as shown in this photo. By 1930 it was moved to the southern part of the park. The equestrian statue, on a granite pedestal, was sculpted by Henry Kirke Brown (1814-1886). See also the proposed Gothic Washington Monument by Calvin Pollard and the proposed neoclassical Washington Monument to be erected at City Hall Park.

Since 1833, the City of New York was officially trying to erect a monument to Washington. Initially mega-monuments were intended, like the one proposed in the City Hall Park in 1844. The monument in Union Square was eventually dedicated in 1856.


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George Washington Monument - Union Square - 1890s