Map of New Amsterdam in 1660


The earliest known map of New Amsterdam and the only one dating from the period of the Dutch rule of New York. It is believed it was copied by an unknown draftsman around 1665-1670 from the survey made by Jacques Cortelyou (ca 1625–1693) in the summer of 1660, now lost. The map is commonly called the Castello Plan after the location in a Tuscan castle where it was discovered.

Original title (Dutch): Afbeeldinge van de Stadt Amsterdam in Nieuw Neederlandt ("Picture of the City of Amsterdam in New Netherland"). The original map is in the Biblioteca Medicea-Laurenziana of Florence, Italy.

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Map New Amsterdam


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Redraft of the Castello Plan - New Amsterdam in 1660.
Authors: John Wolcott Adams (1874–1925) and I.N. Phelps Stokes (1867–1944). The Plan was redrawn by 1916. Source: New-York Historical Society Library.

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Castelo Plan


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The Castello Plan


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The Castello Plan





Map of New Amsterdam in 1660











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