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New York 17th centuryThe Lenape people, who inhabited Manhattan before European colonization, left no written records. Information about the territory was transmitted through oral tradition.

New York was founded in 1624 as New Amsterdam by Dutch settlers. At that time, cartography or cosmography, as the activity of creating maps was called, was well developed in the Netherlands, although there were still large errors in longitude, which were resolved in the 18th century. The earliest surviving map of the area now known as New York City is the Manatus Map made in 1639 by Joan Vinckeboons, depicting what is now Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, and New Jersey.

The earliest known urban map of New Amsterdam is commonly called the Castello Plan after a Tuscan castle where it was discovered. It is believed it was copied by an unknown draftsman around 1665-1670 from the survey made by Jacques Cortelyou (ca 1625–1693) in the summer of 1660, now lost.

When the English took over New Amsterdam, in 1664, and renamed it New York, surveying and mapmaking continued.

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Fragment of the Nova Totivs Americæ Descriptio by the Dutch cartographer Frederik de Wit, published in 1660, in Amsterdam. It shows the Dutch territory of New Netherland (Nieu Nederland), the French territory New France (Nova Francia), to the north, and the English territory of Virginia, to the south. In New Netherland we can see both New Amsterdam (Nieu Amsterdam) and Manhattan (Manhattans) indicated.


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Maps of New York City - 17th Century




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