Maps of New York City - 18th Century


Notable maps were made in the 18th century, based on actual surveys by James Lyne, David Grim, Francis W. Maerschalck, Bernard Ratzer, John Montrésor, Gerard Bancker, Major Holland, Claude Joseph Sauthier and others. Land surveys in the City of New York were intensified during the 1770s, especially during the Revolutionary War (1775–83). Broadway was the main north–south artery of the City.

With the independence, New York was established as the capital of the new country, the United States of America. In 1789, George Washington was sworn in as the first president of the nation. New York also hosted the first meeting of Congress and the first sessions of the Supreme Court. In 1790, the nation's capital was transferred to Philadelphia.

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NYC in the 18th Century




New York map




Map NYC 18th century


Rural Manhattan


Water Street NY


Historical map NY 1789


David Grim


James Lyne

Based on James Lyne's survey.


US Map


New York and Perth Amboy Harbors


Bradford map


Historical maps NYC


18th Century New York


John Montresor


Bernard Ratzer


Bernard Ratzer Plan NY


Duyckinck Map


Goerck Mangin


New York map 1776

Plan of New York Island, with part of Long Island, Staten Island & east New Jersey, with disposition of both the armies, British and American.


Old New York City


Wall Street map


Topographical map NY


New York City Waterfront


Bird's Eye View


Long Island


Map New York 1776


Narrows of Hells Gate


NY 18th century


Bowling Green Garden


English Colonial City


Entrance New York

Part of map by John Montrésor.


Cornelius Tiebout 1792


Plan Harbor


Major Holland NY


NY Map James Lyne

The Manuscript Plan, Survey by James Lyne.


New York City


New York Skyline images


Ranelagh Gardens NY


Maps United States


Carwitham map NY


NY eighteenth century


New York 18th century


Old Farms



New York 17th century



Harbour map


Maps of New York City - 18th Century



US Trails map




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