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Hotel Savoy


The old Hotel Savoy was located at 767 Fifth Avenue, on the southeast corner of East 59th Street. It opened in June 1892 and closed around 1925. It was replaced by the Savoy-Plaza Hotel.

The old 12-story Hotel Savoy building was designed in the style of the Italian Renaissance by architect Ralph S. Townsend, in 1890, for Philip Henry Dugro (1855-1920). There were 350 rooms and 125 private bath-rooms. It was expanded later and included adjoining buildings. The seven-story Bolkenhayn Apartments building (see photo on the right), built in 1895, on the corner of 58th Street, was also used by Hotel Savoy.

The luxury Hotel Savoy competed with The Plaza, across Fifth Avenue, for guests and residents. In 1922, negotiations to sell the Hotel Savoy, owned by Bretagne Company, were under way. Du Pont family acquired the hotel, in May 1823, and sold it to the Childs Restaurant, in May, 1925. Later, the United States Realty and Improvement Company acquired control of the property from the Childs Company. Demolition of the old hotel was announced in November, the same year, to make way for a new hotel (Savoy-Plaza Hotel) financed by owners of the Plaza and Childs.


Hotel Savoy


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The old Hotel Savoy on the corner of Fifth Avenue and 59th Street. Bolkenhayn Apartments is on the right, on the corner of 58th Street. Vintage postcard published by American News Company in the early 20th century.



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The Hotel Savoy about the time it was open in 1892, before the first expansion.


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Lobby of Hotel Savoy. Published about 1893 in Hotel Savoy illustrated, Fifty-ninth street and Fifth avenue, New York City, designed by O.D. Kisner.


Below, the grand dining room from the same work. There were also the Ladies Restaurant, Gentlemen's Restaurant, private dining room and several parlors.


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The old Hotel Savoy and signs of Hotel Savoy in the adjoining buildings. View of Fifth Avenue, between 59th St. and 58th St. (Vintage postcard).


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Hotel Savoy


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