Old Waldorf-Astoria - 1900


The Old Waldorf-Astoria Hotel was located on Fifth Avenue, from 33rd to 34th streets. It was demolished in 1929. Until 1897 it consisted of two separated hotels. The building in the foreground was the 16-story Astoria Hotel, erected on the southeast corner of Fifth Avenue and 34th Street.

Standing at the important corner of Fifth Avenue and Thirty-fourth Street, Waldorf-Astoria dominated much of New York around it.

Photograph by Detroit Publishing Co., 1900. Source: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.


Old Waldorf-Astoria


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Old Waldorf-Astoria


34th Street




Sixty Fifth Street

Residence of family owners of the Old Waldorf-Astoria on the Fifth Avenue, in front of Central Park.




Waldorf Astoria New York

The Waldorf-Astoria on Park Avenue.


Old Waldorf-Astoria - 1900


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Enlargement of the street scene on 34th Street, on the right.



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