Trinity Building and United States Realty Building


The Trinity Building and the United States Realty Building on Broadway, between Thames and Cedar Streets, were designed in neo-Gothic style by the same architect, Francis Hatch Kimball (1845-1919), and constructed by the same company, the United States Realty and Construction Company, established in 1901. They were built in narrow sites, between 1904 and 1907, and it was required to move the Thames Street 28 feet north. Both office buildings were designated as landmarks by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission, in 1988.

The 21-story Trinity Building, 111 Broadway, was erected on the site of the old 5-story building of the same name, constructed in 1853 and purchased in 1902. The new Trinity Building was constructed with steel-framed structure, from 1904 to 1905, and it was enlarged in 1907. Its decorated corridors, with bronze work and polychrome ceiling painting, were amazing.

The 21-story U. S. Realty Building, 115 Broadway, was erected in 1907, extending the full length of the block, between Broadway and Trinity Place. It is bounded to the south by Thames Street, and to the north by Cedar Street. It was erected on the site of the old Boreel Building, constructed in 1878, previously, the site of the historic City Hotel.


Trinity Building


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Trinity Building (left) and United States Realty Building (right), looking southwest. Trinity Church is on the left. Illustration published in the Record and Guide, January 26, 1907.


Trinity Church


Old Trinity Building


Trinity US Realty


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Trinity Building


19th century

Fragment of the 1879 perspective map by Galt & Hoy, showing both Boreel Building and Trinity Building (from the Library of Congress).


Old Trinity Building




Thames Street

Schematic map of the changes in the Thames Street and Temple Street to accommodate the new buildings. The small Temple Street existed since the 17th century. It was reduced to one block by 1906 and it became part of Liberty Plaza Park (today Zuccotti Park) in 1968 (map published in The New York Times, May 22, 1904).


Boreel Building


Trinity Building and United States Realty Building


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